Details That Fleet Owners Need To Know

In the US, fleet owners follow strict federal laws that lower harmful gas emissions. The owners enforce the regulation by educating drivers about the appropriate fluids and how the selective catalytic reduction system works. A local supplier offers diesel exhaust fluid that meets the demands of the regulation.

What Trucks are Included in the Law?

The law applies to 1/4 ton trucks and larger. Fleet owners who own the larger trucks must follow the exact terms of the regulation and avoid penalties. The purpose of the regulation is to lower dangerous gas emissions. To learn more about the right fluid, discover BlueDEF now.

What Happens If the Fluid Freezes?

The fluid won't become damaged if it freezes. However, it is recommended that the fleet owner place the containers inside their property when possible. Freezing doesn't cause damage, but it makes it really inconvenient for drivers who need to use the fluid for their trucks.

How Often Does the Driver Add the Fluid?

The driver adds the fluid after every 800 miles traveled. The standard is about two and a half gallons of the fluid. However, the rate at which the truck uses the fluid dictates how much fluid the truck requires throughout the driving schedule. A catalytic reduction system has indicators that appear on the dashboard when the fluids are low. The driver adds fluids according to the readings.

How Does the Driver Know When to Add the Fluid?

The indicator on the dashboard starts flashing when the fluids are low. The system has a dipstick that shows them how much fluid is needed. The driver must check the fluid levels as soon as the indicator lights come on. Fleet owners keep a steady supply of the fluid on the trucks for added convenience.

What Happens if the Regulation isn't Followed?

If the drivers don't follow the regulation, the fleet owner faces serious fines. The vehicles won't pass safety inspections and gas emissions tests. The owner must complete costly repairs if the vehicle fails the tests. If the vehicle doesn't pass a second time, the owner faces additional fines.

In the US, fleet owners follow federal regulations for all trucks larger than 1/4 ton. The trucks require certain fluids to convert nitrous oxide into a safer mixture before it is released. The drivers add the fluid after every 800 miles traveled. The selective catalytic reduction system shuts down the trucks if the fluids are too low. Fleet owners who need the diesel exhaust fluid learn more about PEAKHD right now.